Debbie Leather
Original Watercolors
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  • CHOLLA SUNSET - Framed 1998
  • Hand Made 19"x 24" Frame
  • Eagle Perched on Cactus
Do you see a faint peace symbol in the full moon?  Now,
as much as during the Vietnam war, we must pray for
This painting came to me in a
dream one night.  Not that
some indian woman wearing
tie dye, and carrying a cow
skull on her head came to me.  
I actually dreampt that I
painted THAT picture,so when
I woke up that next morning,  I
sketched it out
and.............there she is.  
This painting won "honorable
mention" at an exhibit in
Presscott, Az.
This is my very favorite thing
to do, paint, and I hope to
make a living at it some day.  
Maybe in 50 years, my grand
children will go on "Antique
Teleportation Show" and make
bleems of cash!     
This painting is of a century plant, a type of cactus
that grows here in Arizona, and has a custom-made
leather frame (made by me). I hope you like it
This is a cute little ditty that I painted.  I love
painting cactus, and landscapes, and everything.
I just love to paint!
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Mayer, Arizona 86333
Ph: 928-273-7496
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  • DESERT REBELLION Flippin' the Bird Cactus, We're Number 1!
    Framed Feb. 2011
  • Orginal Water Color
  • Second of  "Cactus Are People Too" Series
  • Matching Painted, Hand Made 19"x 24" Frame
  • PEACE MOON -  Framed
  • Orginal Water Color
  • 11"x 15" Frame (no glass)
  • BUFFALLO WOMAN - Framed Feb. 2011
  • Orginal Water Color
  • Navajo Beadwork Inside
  • Hand Made 28"x 20" Framed & Matted
  • PRICKLY PEARS -  Framed
  • Original Water Color
  • 8"x 12" Frame
  • CENTURY PLANT - 2003
  • Orginal Water Color
  • Leather, Hand Made 14"x 15" Frame (no glass)