Debbie Leather
Some Facts About My Fine Qaulity Genuine Leathers:

Everyone has their favorite garments, the best of which
fit just right and gain character as time passes, like blue
jeans or a fine pair of leather boots. My collection offers
a long garment life of a fine fit and excellent feel if
treated with care.

The natural feel of these skins on your skin is unique,
that's why I don't use cloth lining in my designs which
are comfortable in a wide range of climates, not just
cold weather. Your body moisture and heat will cause
these garments and accessories to fit better all the time.

The required care for a long garment life is simple and
inexpensive. Hand wash or use the gentle cycle of an
automatic washer with cold water and mild detergent, (I
use shampoo). If washer method is used, do not allow it
to spin. Gently hand squeeze out excess water.

The compatibility of my skin and your skin allows for
longer wear between washings. Unless visible spotting
occurs, refrain from unnecessary washing.

Wet leather should be laid flat and blocked to air dry.
Then tumble in dryer WITHOUT HEAT for 10 minutes to
eliminate stiffness. If garment is decorated with beads,
massage skins with your hands instead.

For swim wear, rinse all chlorine out after each use in
chlorinated pool or jacuzzi. For a perfect fit, wear
swimsuit or loin cloth until dry when possible as this will
result in a fit "like a glove"!

The natural character of leather allows for inconsistent
textures and markings. Please don't consider these
imperfections as flaws, but as details adding to your one
of a kind look.

The deerskin I work with comes in the following colors:
Ivory, Tan, Gold, Rust, Brown, Black, Purple, Turquoise,
and Red, and of course my signature coloration
"distressed gold".
I accept Visa and MasterCard. Please call me, Debbie Leather, with your
credit card orders Tuesday thru Saturday from 11am to 3pm (Arizona Time).

For Paypal users, call me or email me with your order and I will send
you a Paypal invoice.

I also accept money orders and personal checks, please call or email me
with your order.

"I LOVE talking to my customers, it helps me to get your order just right, so
don't hesitate to call me with even the smallest question, Tuesday thru
Saturday from 11am to 3pm (PST).
Thanks for viewing my handmade custom items. Making my customers
happy is my Job and my Joy!!"
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Mayer, Arizona 86333
Ph: 928-772-3809