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Debbie Leather Original Custom Designs
That 70's
13290 central ave
mayer, AZ 86333
Renaissance Corsets
Faerie Boots
Artisan Made Purses
The 70'S are back
Frontier Jackets
Medieval boots
Southwestern Corsets
Buckskin Poncho
Feathers & Fringe Bikini
Pocahontas Bikini
Retro Styles
Native American Trend
Water Wearable Leather  Swim Wear
Beautiful, Beaded & Bold Purses
Debbie Walters
P.O. Box 323
Mayer, Arizona 86333
Ph: (928) 273-7496
Primitive Leather Dress
Custom Sizes
$299.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Midnight Blue Purse
$249.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Custom Renaissance Moccasins
$599.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Under Bust Corset
$129.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Distressed Color Loincloth
$129.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Mermaid Bikini $199.95
plus $8.95 S&H
Beaded Halter Top
$199.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Feathers and Fringe Bikini
$199.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Debbie's Favorite Purse
$349.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Knee High Boots  
$599.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Brown Fairie Boots
$179.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Distressed Deluxe Corset
$199.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Fancy Poncho $449.95
plus $8.95 S&H
Loincloth Bikini $189.95 plus $8.95  S&H
Fringed Distressed Bikini
$129.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Medieval Shoes $79.95
plus $8.95 S&H
Distressed Buckskin Jacket
$1,999.95 plus $24.95 S&H
Dark Peace Purse
$249.95 plus $8.95 S&H
Memi's Favorite Purse
$249.95 plus $8.95 S&H